Muffle: What Are They And What Are They For?

November 3, 2021

What is a Muffle and what is it for?

A muffle is a furnace normally used for firing ceramic materials and for melting metals through thermal energy. Inside the laboratory, a muffle furnace is used for calcination of substances, drying of substances, smelting and control processes. also used for heat treatment of hardening and cleaning of injection molds. a very versatile and useful equipment in the industry.

A muffle is also known as a laboratory muffle furnace or high temperature furnace. it is a closed chamber built with refractory materials. It consists of a door through which the interior of the cooking chamber is accessed, in which there is a small observation hole and to introduce probes to verify and record the temperatures inside the equipment. A hole is located in the roof of the furnace through which the gases exit the chamber. The walls of the muffle furnace are made of plates of thermal and insulating materials.

This oven is used when it is required to reach temperatures higher than 350 ° C. It is necessary to mention that within the muffle furnace only special materials can be used. For example: A high quality porcelain, quartz or stainless crucible, due to the high temperatures that the furnace can reach 1800 ° C. and the conditions of the atmosphere that it may generate in the process.

Types of flasks and Applications

Academic Muffle:

Normally used in the academic field due to its low cost without reducing the quality of the equipment, these are made up of a lesser amount of insulation since its use is contemplated in a smaller amount of continuous working hours, therefore the loss of heat by irradiation it is not such a frequent problem.

  • Simple control
  • Exposed thermocouple
  • Sin Timer
  • Minor Isolation
  • No digital programming option
  • Maximum temperature of 1100 ° C for 1 hour


Laboratory Muffle:

Equipment widely used in the laboratory for a large number of processes within the laboratory, its sensitivity to temperature and its great thermal insulation make it ideal for working within the laboratory, avoiding leaks and heat propagation within the work area.

  • Program in 3 ramps with timer
  • Simple programmable with timer
  • shielded thermocouple
  • double isolation chamber
  • thermal printer option
  • minimum temperature overshoot.
  • Maximum temperature of 1100 ° C


Muffle for Heat Treatment (Tempering)

Muffle designed for the tempering and tempering of metals with a highly efficient temperature control which allows us to reach the desired temperature quickly and have a minimum temperature surpass, in addition its fuzzy control allows us to improve our process each time it is used the team.

  • high response shielded thermocouple
  • control from 4 to 20 mA
  • Fuzzy technology
  • Maximum Temperature 1200 ° C
  • Hole in the back for probe avoiding heat loss


Controlled atmosphere muffle

Equipment designed to be able to work with noble gases or different types of environments generated by the exchange of gases within the muffle, allowing to simulate working conditions within the muffle for quality issues of the materials to be introduced. Excellent for different tempering processes.

  • maximum temperature 1200 ° C
  • Pressure control
  • Control fuzzy
  • option to control on ramps


High Temperature Muffle

Muffle designed for customers who need to take their process to an even hotter point, these equipment can reach 1700 ° C.

  • Armored Resistors
  • Thermocouple types B
  • Ramp control
  • Greater thermal insulation
  • Current consumption indicator
  • Over-temperature indicators


Muffle with Ramp control

Muffles with more precise control and advanced technology such as its touch screen and its different programs that we can program for each process.

  • Energy saving
  • Digital control with ramps (1 16-segment profile, 2 8-segment profiles and 4 4-segment profiles)
  • Timar of 4553 minutes
  • Pantalla touch
  • double inner stainless chamber
  • Data registration and download

GAS Muffle

The equipment with the lowest consumption in terms of energy cost, however, has low temperature precision, high fluctuations in temperature, ideal for simple melting process.

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