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November 2, 2021

Before starting with the explanation about what a  thermohygrometer is , we must highlight the great importance in the pharmaceutical industry of this device. Because without it, we could ingest bad medication, even if the expiration dates are long-standing. In this article, we are going to explain not only what a thermohygrometer is  but what all its functions are, and for what types of industries in addition to pharmaceuticals its use is vital.

What is a  thermohygrometer ?

The  thermohygrometer  is a small static object that can be placed on tables and other surfaces for use.

A  thermohygrometer  is the instrument used to measure the moisture content in the atmosphere . Humidity measuring instruments are generally based on measurements of some other quantity, such as pressure, temperature, mass, or an electrical or mechanical change in a substance as moisture is absorbed from the environment. By calculation and by calibration, the measurement of these quantities can lead to a moisture measurement . the thermohygrometers They are used in the pharmaceutical industry to control the humidity of the environment in which medicines are stored. But this is also an instrument that is used in greenhouses, in egg incubators, in industrial spaces, among others, such as in the wood and leather industry.

How does a  thermohygrometer work ?

As we already know,  thermohygrometers  are useful for measuring humidity . Humidity is a representation of the concentration of water vapor in the air where the value is displayed as a percentage. The  thermohygrometers  have sensors that measure the humidity of the air and the temperature of the air. Both values ​​will be displayed as a digital representation and will be converted to the desired unit. The result will be displayed through the screen or in a graph. In a place where there are thermal hygrometers , the humidity of the air can be measured, or combined devices can also measure the temperature. These  thermohygrometers  measure different ranges of humidity and temperature according to the model. The thermohygrometers  are versatile in that they can take measurements, store them in memory, and transfer data to a computer for more detailed analysis

Data storage

The thermohygrometers  come with software that transfer that data to the computer. In this way, it is easy to do an accurate analysis of the test results that were received on the device. In addition, if the user wishes, he can store this data on the computer to be able to make long-term measurements. Without this option, your data could not be analyzed for such a long period of time. The  thermohygrometers are very useful in evaluating damage in a warehouse. 

Many warehouses must be at an exact temperature, with a specific level of humidity. A difference in temperature and / or humidity would mean that the stored products are damaged or even destroyed. Such stores are, for example, those that offer flowers and food. Moldy food would mean an additional payment for a grocery reseller and if the flowers dry out, it means that the seller will not be able to sell them.

It is for this reason that more and more industries need a  thermo-hygrometer  to take care of the quality of their products and control parameters such as temperature and humidity in the best way. Using  thermo-hygrometer devices , you can measure relative humidity, determine the source of humidity problems, and indicate whether humidity reduction and control strategies are effective. With the high precision of  thermo-hygrometers such industries will be able to easily determine the environment of such products and control parameters such as temperature and humidity in a better way.

What is the ideal humidity percentage?

The hygrometer used to measure moisture vapor in the air, also known as the moisture level, this is measured on a scale of 0 to 100% relative humidity with 100% saturated air. Both  digital and analog thermo-hygrometers can display minimum, maximum and current humidity values. The dew point is another value that some devices show, it is a measure of the point when the water vapor in the air condenses so much that it becomes liquid water, this is the saturation point of the air at that specific temperature. Therefore, this is an ideal instrument for domestic use. 

In homes, the temperature and humidity or moisture content is also important. Comfortable air temperature and air humidity are just one example. Optimal environmental conditions for humans are around 20 ° C and 50-65% humidity in the air. On top of that, mold growth starts with 70% air humidity. It is very difficult to control the environmental conditions in a living room or bathroom, as well as in a cellar. With the help of  thermohygrometer devices , these conditions can be easily visualized and controlled.

¿ What to do with certain numbers of the termohigrómetro?

If the air humidity is too high, the solution would be to open a window. If it is too low, an air humidifier can be used. The  thermohygrometers  can be used to measure the moisture content in various materials such as wood, plaster, concrete, bricks and others.

The  thermohygrometers  are ideal for monitoring the atmosphere inside clean rooms such as laboratories. Therefore, a  thermohygrometer is  not only convenient if you are a businessman or pharmacist. They are ideal for controlling the% humidity in the home. Especially when you have people who are prone to respiratory problems, such as asthma, bronchitis, allergies, etc. Or if you simply want to have a pleasant environment for you and your family. In addition to your pets and plants.

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