Thiele tube

November 1, 2021

Each laboratory material has a specific function that allows us to carry out experiments, mixes, prepare samples or obtain the characteristics of a substance. The Thiele tube is one of these instruments. It is used to heat an oil bath in order to determine the melting point of a substance.

What is it?

It is a laboratory instrument made of glass and is designed to contain and heat a bath of glycerin or mineral oil in order to determine the melting point of a substance. This instrument resembles a glass test tube with a handle or side arm.

It also contains a thermometer to which is attached a capillary tube containing the sample to be evaluated. The shape of the tube allows the formation of convection currents in the oil when it is heated, allowing the heat of the flame to transfer evenly.

The Thiele tube is named for the German chemist Johannes Thiele, who was responsible for its design.

What is it for?

This equipment is used in the determination of the melting point of a certain substance.

How is it used?

To use it, oil is poured into the tube and then the handle or side handle is heated, either by a bunsen burner flame or by another heating element. The shape of this tube allows the oil to circulate thanks to the convection current that is formed. This produces an oil bath with a uniform temperature.

The sample is placed in a closed capillary tube next to a thermometer with a rubber band that is immersed in the tube. When heating starts, the temperature range at which the sample melts can be observed.

This equipment is also used to determine the boiling temperature of a substance. To do this, simply place an open capillary in its lower part in the fusion tube and wait for the sample to start boiling. When this happens, the burner stops and the temperature will begin to drop. The temperature at which the substance evaporates in the sealed capillary will be its boiling point.

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