November 1, 2021

The tripods are three-foot supports, this configuration gives them the necessary balance for different applications. In a laboratory, for example, its function is to hold an asbestos rack to heat a solution or dry a solute or to hold laboratory items that will contain dangerous reagents or liquids.

What is it?

It is a three-legged device with a circular or triangular upper part where an object is stabilized and its movement is prevented . The name derives from the Greek term “tripous” , which means “three feet”.

Its main advantage is that, regardless of the support surface or its construction, its legs are always supported, being stable and adaptable to any space and facilitating its transport.

They are used in different applications, you can find this configuration in furniture and in supports to hold precision instruments for surveying, for elements that require stability and to contain containers to be heated.


Tripods have different applications.

In photography and cinema: they are used to stabilize the cameras and comfortably change their elevation, taking it even beyond the height of the photographer. They are very comfortable and practical because they allow you to adjust the camera at different angles and prevent jitter caused by pressing the shutter button.

Some have bubble levels, they are indicated for video cameras, as they allow you to maintain horizontality to take a panoramic view.

Those that are used in recording studios, have wheels that facilitate their transfer.

Topographic tripods: It allows to support measuring instruments such as theodolites, levels, transits and stations. It has three extendable metal or wooden feet that end in iron studs that are nailed into the ground.

They are stable elements and allow the equipment to be visible to the operator, that is, at about 1.40 m – 1.50 m.

Tripods for telescopes: They are those that provide stability to a telescope in any terrain. It contains a mount where the telescope is adjusted and that gives it the freedom to rotate.

Ring tripods: These are tripods finished in iron rings, they are used to place containers on fire. They are usually used with accessories such as metal mesh, asbestos mesh and refractory triangles with stoneware tubes.

Laboratory tripod

In laboratories, the tripod is used when there is no universal support to hold an object. It is used in many experiments.

Its sole function is to support items and provide stability by preventing movement. They are always used with asbestos or metal meshes to better diffuse the heat in the container to be heated and to avoid that the flame does not impact directly on the glass.

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