Types Of Magnetic Stirrers | Advantages And Disadvantages

November 2, 2021

 Types of Magnetic Stirrers

A magnetic stirrer consists of a small magnetic bar (called a stir bar or stirring fly) that is normally covered by a layer of plastic (usually Teflon) and a plate below which is a rotating magnet or a series of electromagnets arranged in a circular shape to create a rotating magnetic field.


Educational Magnetic Stirrer

This type of Educational Magnetic Shakers or Plastic Stirrers are increasingly common in the academic field, made up mostly of plastic parts, they have a basic speed selection control. As well as an option for the placement of batteries in some cases or alternating current power.

Especially focused on meeting the requirements in academic or basic areas within the industry, since it does not reach high RPM and its use is in short periods of work to be able to prolong the useful life of this type of equipment.


  • They are the cheapest option on the market
  • Their compact size makes them easy to transport
  • They can run on batteries


  • Your work period is very short
  • Difficult repair
  • Plastic constitution which makes them fragile to harsh laboratory environments
  • They only stir 1 L of Water (Density of 997 kg / m³)

Reversible Magnetic Stirrer

The reversible Magnetic Stirrer is little known but one of the best equipment for the use of liquid product mixtures, carrying out the process in less time and with a more homogeneous mixture, consisting mainly of plastic bodies and stainless steel covers.

They have a tachometer to verify the RPM with which the Magnetic Bar is mobilized, as well as a time selector to determine how often we require the direction of rotation of the mixture to change the direction of rotation. Excellent for low density rapid mixing processes since they are only for 3000 mL. Laboratory or Industrial Use.


  • We obtain more homogeneous mixtures in less time
  • Stainless cover
  • Verification of speed reached with tachometer


  • They have low stirring power 3 L maximum
  • They do not support that much weight
  • Low power motor
  • Plastic structure prevents placing large samples

Laboratory Magnetic Stirrer

The specialized laboratory agitators must meet specific characteristics that allow us to safely and reliably handle each of the substances that we use on this equipment.

Made of metal, generally in sheet to be able to guarantee the mechanical resistance that it needs to withstand in each work cycle, the controls are precision, some have a tachometer, the bases where the samples are placed are made of Stainless or Aluminum, this will depend on the substances to be used (Acids, Alkalines).

They also have, in some versions, a hole to place a support that will allow us to mount different devices such as Funnels, Separating funnels, Clamps for thermometers, Clamps with Phmeter, etc.


  • Reliable and durable equipment
  • Robust body prevents vibrations in samples
  • Easy to repair if necessary
  • Extra parts can be mounted on brackets
  • They support more volumes 1 to 100 Liters (Depending on the model)


  • The most expensive option
  • Heavier to move

Special Magnetic Stirrer

The special magnetic stirrers are characterized by having different types of attachments such as temperature meters, pH meters, etc. that do not improve stirring performance but allow us to measure several different variables within solutions. As in the case of the preparation of solutions with a specific degree of pH, the special magnetic stirrers allow us to keep the solution perfectly homogenized while taking more accurate readings of the real pH level.


  • They allow us to streamline the verification processes


  • They are more expensive teams due to their specialization
  • They need external accessories
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