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November 2, 2021

A scale or also called a scale is a very important measuring instrument in any industry and commerce, as well as in health and technology, also in the home and in education. There are several types of balance and each one was conceived to adapt to the needs of each user. According to historians, the first balance dates from 3500 BC . At that time, trade was the most important activity and apparently the balance arose between Europe and Africa, a place where it is known that trade was a very strong activity at that time.

Regardless of what type of scale we are referring to, they all have three fundamental characteristics.


Accuracy – Refers to the accuracy with which the device registers the weight of an object or substance.

Versatility – It is the ability of the balance to always repeat the same result, as long as you are weighing the same object or substance.

Sensitivity – Refers to the ability of the scale to divide weight into decimals.

Types of Scales

Actually there are 2 types of scales , there are mechanical and electronic . But within these two fundamental types we find a great variety of types of balance . Regardless of what type of balance we are referring to, before starting to use them, the first step is to calibrate them. The balance should be made to read zero, when there is no object or substance on top of the pan.

Let’s start with the types of scales that we find in the home

Today there are hundreds of scales for domestic use, from scales to know body weight or bathroom scales, to those that mark the body fat index, the body water index, the body mass index and bone mass. We also find the scales to weigh babies up to one and a half years old. At home we can also find the scale to weigh pets, luggage, kitchen and even scales that tell us what the daily calorie intake was. The world of scales is huge and there are undoubtedly hundreds of them just for domestic use.

Bathroom Scale – Today most bathroom scales are digital, which makes it incredibly easy to determine weight on the scale. The numbers are usually very large and the display is usually backlit, making it almost impossible to make a mistake when reading the scale.

BMI Balance   – Many times due to health problems it is important to know the  BMI ,  in those cases there is a balance that tells us which is our index and which would be the correct one.

Balance that measures body water – Sometimes due to illness, it is necessary to keep track of the amount of water you have in your body. If your doctor wants you to track this factor on a daily basis, you will need a scale that offers this feature.

Kitchen Scale – These scales usually come with a plate or bowl for easy placement of items on the scale. Aesthetically they are small, but the display is usually large and the numbers large. And its maximum weight usually goes up to 5 kilograms.

Infant Scale – It can be very difficult to accurately weigh infants and young children, and since it is unhygienic to place them on a scale to obtain an accurate measurement, purchasing a specially designed curved scale to hold them carefully is the best option. These are common in pediatric offices, but can also be purchased for home use if you want to track your baby’s weight.

Baggage scale – With recent new airline rules on the amount and weight of luggage that can be carried on a plane, more and more people are looking for quick and easy ways to weigh their luggage. Rather than trying to balance it precariously on bathroom scales, using a luggage scale is the best way to go. These scales work by hooking the handle to the luggage. When the scale and luggage are lifted, the weight of the luggage is reflected on the scale.

We continue with some types of scales for medical use.

So what types of medical scales are there? Well, different types are included, chair scales, floor scales, among them there are digital scales, mechanical and digital wheelchair scales. A medical scale or type of medicine scale must guarantee 100% accuracy. Either digital or mechanical. Having the proper medical scale in the healthcare facility, weight loss clinic, pediatric office, or hospital is crucial to accurately weighing patients.

Chair Scales – These scales have a capacity of up to 300 kilograms. It is ideal to facilitate patient weighing.

Floor scales  They are scales where people must stand on the plate and have a capacity of up to 350 kilograms.

Babies and Toddlers Scales – This is the same type of scale we saw at the top. It is ideal for finding the weight of babies and young children up to one and a half years of age. They are curved to hold the baby inside the scale. Their weighing usually reaches up to 8 kilos, and it is very common to find them in pediatric offices.

And now let’s look at some types of industrial scales

We find industrial scales within large industries but also within small businesses. There are many types of industrial scales and they fulfill various functions.

Hook Scale – This is a type of scale that has a capacity of up to 550 kilograms. And it is usually used for weighing a quarter and even a half beef. It is used in the meat trade.

Platform scales – As its name implies, it is a scale with a large platform in which boxes are mostly weighed and its capacity is up to 660 kilograms.

Parcel scales – This is the type of scale used in parcel companies. They usually have a capacity of up to 150 kilograms and are visible to those who send and receive packages.

The world of scales is huge. When I decided to write this article I believed that I would not find enough material to put it together. But when I started the research I realized that there is much more to say and to show, without a doubt there is much more to say about the wide variety of types of scales that exist.

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