Uses And Functions Of The Magnetic Stirrer

November 3, 2021

A Magnetic Stirrer is an electronic device that uses a magnetic field to automatically mix a solvent and one or more solutes. Likewise, a stirring bar is necessary, which is allowed to slide into a container, either a flask or a beaker containing some liquid to stir it.

The container is placed on top of the magnetic stirrer plate, where the rotating magnetic field exerts its influence on the stirring bar and promotes its rotation.

Magnetic Stirrer Features

Usually the magnetic stirrer has an electric motor that rotates in such a way that the rpms ( revolutions per minute or revolutions per minute ) can be controlled . The equipment has a microprocessed electronic device, which is responsible for controlling the engine revolutions easily and efficiently.

This device is made up of a small magnetic bar or stir bar and a plate under which there is a rotating magnet or a series of electromagnets arranged in a circular way in order to create a rotating magnetic field.

The magnetic bar is immersed in the container containing the solution to be mixed. Normally these magnetic bars are covered with Teflon, which is an inert material and thus avoids altering the composition of the solution to be mixed.

The magnetic bars are available in different sizes that adapt to different containers (beakers, flasks, etc.) as well as magnetic stirrers with different rotating capacities, ranging from 100rpm to 1500 or even more. Some models of agitators do not have moving parts (motor), which makes them much quieter. Since they do not present friction and do not have moving parts.

Magnetic Stirrer Uses

This equipment is used in biology and chemistry laboratories usually. It is an instrument used to mix liquids with each other or with powders, to produce solutions, fluid or viscous dispersions, as well as suspensions.

There are also magnetic stirrers with a heating system, which makes it much more versatile. Since you can shake or mix solutions and heat them at the same time. Additionally, it can only be used as a stirrer or as a heating plate.

Magnetic stirrers are important to reduce the risk of contamination as they only come into contact with a magnetic bar in the sample and the instrument components are easy to clean.

If you want to continue the protein dialysis procedure, you must perform this process on a sample and it will be placed on the magnetic stirrer for a longer period. Several labs choose an overnight mixing process to better utilize their valuable time and this would be impossible to do using a manual shaker.

Instructions for use

  • Place the beaker or flask with the content to be stirred on the stirring plate.
  • Insert the stir bar or magnetic bar into the container.
  • Turn on the appliance by activating the corresponding switch.
  • Adjust the speed, always starting with the lowest to gradually increase it, until reaching the appropriate speed.
  • Check that the liquid does not leak out of the container during the stirring process.
  • After stirring, place the speed control in its initial position.
  • Turn off the appliance using the corresponding switch.
  • Remove the stir bar from inside the container.
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