Volumetric flask

November 1, 2021

The volumetric flask is an item that belongs to the laboratory glassware and is used to measure an exact volume of liquid based on the capacity indicated by the flask.

What is it?

It is an element that is part of the laboratory glassware and is a type of flask that is used as a volumetric material. This means that it is used to measure an exact volume of liquid based on the capacity indicated by the flask.

This element has a high and narrow neck that increases its accuracy, since a small change in volume can translate into a considerable change in the height of the liquid in the neck of the flask.

It is called volumetric because it has a graduation mark around the neck that ensures precision and facilitates the measurement of the volume contained.

It is pear-shaped and has a flattened base. On the neck, you can find all the basic indications of the instrument, such as the volumetric capacity, the working temperature and the manufacturer’s brand.

They have a stopper that can be plastic, tempered glass or cork. It is generally made of polypropylene. The stopper fits over the mouth of the flask and prevents spillage from occurring when preparing solutions.

How is it used?

The process of filling a flask is known as making up and it consists of filling it properly with the liquid in such a way that the meniscus is tangent to the gauge. The meniscus is the small curvature that forms on the surface of any liquid and that, to obtain an adequate measurement, we must observe tangent to the line or gauge that indicates the volume of the flask.

To properly fill a volumetric flask it is necessary to use a funnel for convenience and safety.


There are two categories of volumetric flasks:

Class A: It is used in analytical chemistry to contain standardized solutions of chemical reagents. It is also used to prepare solutions at exact concentrations. They come in volumes ranging from 1 milliliter to 2 liters.

Class B: They are less accurate and of lower quality. They are often used to prepare non-standardized Analytical Chemistry solutions for daily use or to prepare solutions at concentrations that do not need much accuracy.

Volumetric flasks can also be divided into colorless and amber. The latter are used to preserve solutions that are sensitive to ambient light.

You can find different sizes, the most common being 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500, 1,000 ml

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