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November 2, 2021

Do you know how the Vortex shaker came about? The product was invented by brothers Harold D. and Jack A. Kraft, workers at Scientific Industries. They filed the patent on April 6, 1959 and it was approved on October 30, 1962. Currently that company continues to manufacture the original version.

In the article you will find a selection of these teams . You will also know what parts make it up and how they work. In addition to the care, maintenance and benefits it offers.

The best and cheapest vortex shakers

We have prepared a list with the best and cheapest Laboratory Vortex shakers. In each one you will get characteristics for you to compare and choose the one that suits your needs. Are you ready? Here we go.

Hong brand vortex mixer

The product is made of wear resistant materials . In addition, the use of steel and plastic provide quality. On the other hand, the non-slip base allows the machine to be firm when working.

Induction start is smart. The function is continuous and in just 10 seconds it shakes the ink homogeneously. It is used to mix tattoo pigments, nail polish, UV gel or other chemicals.

Various details of the Vortex Laboratory:

  • Price : 25.99 euros
  • Weight : 0.35 kg
  • Dimensions : 18 x 12 x 12 centimeters
  • Rotational speed : 5200 RPM.

Mini Vortex Laboratory Shakers GYYlucky brand

With the Mini Mixer Vortex Laboratory you can mix different varieties of samples , either for home or business use. It has a small design and fits easily on any surface.

The outer shell is made of plastic and is highly resistant to chemical corrosion. In addition, it has the combination of zinc and aluminum in the base, to prevent it from breaking.

Some extra data are:

  • Price : 38.68 euros
  • Weight : 0.52 kg
  • Billing diameter : 4.5 millimeters
  • Speed : 4000 RPM.

Mini Vortex Mixer marca CRMY

In the mixer you can work with various liquids such as eyelash adhesives, pigments, nail polish, paints, among others. It is the perfect product for schools, artist studios and beauty salons.

It has such a stable speed range that the experiments are quick and effective. The drive is with a brushless motor to offer a longer service life guarantee.

Here are other features of the device:

  • Price : 40.69 euros
  • Weight : 0.52 kg
  • Dimensions : 11 x 8.6 centimeters
  • Orbit diameter : 4.5 mm
  • Speed : 4000 RPM.

Vortex Shaker Salon Mixer marca GYYlucky

The GYYlucky brand has prepared another Laboratory Vortex with the plastic armor and the aluminum and zinc base. The combination of these three elements provides the instrument with high quality and resistance .

The composition tube can receive up to 50 milliliters and there merge varieties of samples. It has the mixing and vortex functions for most liquids such as glue and nail polish.

Product Details:

  • Price : 50.18 euros
  • Weight : 0.52 kg
  • Orbit diameter : 4.5 mm
  • Rotation speed : 4000 RPM.

GYYlucky Mini Vortex Paint Mixer

The creator of this Vortex Laboratory manufactured the equipment from chemical resistant silicone materials. Its size and weight provide excellent performance, thus achieving a good mix.

Most liquids are processed in just 5 seconds. Use test tubes where items such as paint, tattoo ink, and glue are placed. In addition to the scientific field, you can use it in artists’ workshops, schools and others.

Some aspects of the device are:

  • Price : 68.47 euros
  • Weight : 0.52 kg
  • Turnover diameter : 4.5 mm
  • Oscillation speed : 4000 RPM.

Vortex Laboratory Mini Mixer APROTII brand

The mini shaker is an exquisite, compact, durable and reliable instrument . The test and centrifuge tubes hold up to 50 milliliters. It has a tactile function that favors its use.

It was made with elements that provide a lot of security . For example, polycarbonate and silicone. Its portable use is perfect to handle it on any surface and you can shake nail polish, gel and other products.

More information about the APROTII brand model:

  • Price : 69.65 euros
  • Weight : 0.45 kg
  • Dimension : 17 x 15 x 10 centimeters
  • Mixing speed : 2800 RPM.

Hongzer Brand Vortex Multipurpose Mixer

One of the most amazing features is its smart detection to start the process. It is easy to use, very stable and safe when it is turned on.

It only takes 10 seconds to achieve a uniform mixture, be it nail polish, tattoo pigment or others. The manufacturer used high-quality and strong materials against deterioration.

Device details:

  • Price : 69.69 euros
  • Weight : 0.95 kg
  • Dimensions : 10 x 10 x 10 mm
  • Rotational speed : 5200 RPM.

Laboratorio Vortex Agitator brand Riiai

It is an instrument with adjustable speed. Its small size makes it reliable and safe. Use containers that mix 50 milliliters in just 5 seconds. Chemicals such as UV gel are placed in the spin tubes.

The use is very simple, thanks to the incorporation of the touch function. In general, it is a device with high quality . The DC motor is durable and brushless. In addition, the polycarbonate and silicone materials allow it to withstand the elements that are frequently handled.

Extra features of the equipment:

  • Price : 70.31 euros
  • Weight : 0.45 kg
  • Dimensions : 17 x 15 x 10 centimeters
  • Speed : 2800 RPM.

Mini Vortex Agitator brand LAB FISH

The LAB FISH mixer can be used for most liquids. It is small, easy to transport, and portable . It adapts well to any surface. With it you can save a lot of time, and thus avoid manual mixing.

The Vortex Laboratory is ideal for artist studios, nail salons, tattoo shops, among others. Its function helps you in the combination of paints, inks, glue and other resistant solutions.

It works with test tubes and centrifuge, with a limit of 50 milliliters. Although the vortex effect is created only when the container is 40 ml. Its size makes it easy to clean and store.

Several aspects of the product that we can mention are:

  • Price : 81.97 euros
  • Weight : 0.55 kg
  • Dimension : 93 x 93 x 72 mm
  • Orbit diameter : 4.5 mm
  • Speed : 3000 RPM.

Vortex miniature brand Four E’S Scientific

It is a device with a wide range of physical, scientific and chemical analysis . The mixing and suspension capacity that it can withstand is 50 milliliters. Its operation is silent and has the touch mode.

The base and compact design make it easy to use on any surface. In addition, it has non-slip pads to prevent movements during composition.

More information about the team:

  • Price : 119.99 euros
  • Weight : 1.22 kg
  • Dimension : 23.3 x 22.3 x 12.99 centimeters
  • Turnover diameter : 5.5 mm
  • Mixing speed : 3000 RPM.

Mini Vortex Agitator brand Four E’S Scientific

The mini shaker is very handy for mixing acrylic paints, nail polish, tattoo inks, and even eyelash extensions. It is operated by touch and does not make noise .

It is a product that needs only 5 seconds to finish the process. The design offers the advantage of taking up little space. Additionally, the leg layout was created to stay steady and prevent liquid spillage.

It is made with durable raw material that is resistant to the chemical elements it processes. Its applications are versatile , because it is not limited to the scientific field, it is also used in homes.

More data from the Vortex Laboratory:

  • Price : 119.99 euros
  • Weight : 0.55 kg
  • Dimensions : 23.3 x 20.4 x 12.2 centimeters
  • Orbital diameter : 5.5 mm
  • Rotation speed : 3000 RPM.

Mezcladora Vortex Triangular marca Four E’S Scientific

It is one of the fastest and most powerful models . The mixer has a triangular structure, which is used for hydroelectric power towers. The legs guarantee stability and prevent loss of content.

Provides a lightweight and compact design that allows it to be placed on any surface. Test tubes can be combined in just 3 seconds , with 50 milliliters of liquid.

Other Item Specifications:

  • Price : 139.69 euros
  • Weight : 1 kg
  • Dimensions : 168 x 150 x 85 mm
  • Diameter : 6 mm
  • Rotational speed : 5200 RPM.

Four E’S Scientific Laboratory Stirrer

This brand has dedicated its efforts to developing instruments that offer good performance and maximum safety . It is a powerful, reliable and very efficient machine.

It has the ideal design with dynamic balance and a brushless motor that guarantees long-term work . The legs of the equipment have non-slip suction cups, reducing the possibility of spills.

Centrifuge tubes are used for chemical analysis and also for nail polish, tattoo inks, among others. It also has the touch mode, so that the operation is easier.

More equipment features:

  • Price : 169.99 euros
  • Weight : 3.05 kg
  • Dimension : 25.2 x 22.8 x 17.9 centimeters
  • Orbital diameter : 6 mm
  • Mixing speed : 3000 RPM.

What parts make up the agitator?

The Laboratory Vortex shaker is composed of several elements inside and outside the device. Each one has a specific and easy-to-use function. Let’s start with the outer parts:

  • Head: is the surface where the tube or container is placed. Some include a multiple platform.
  • Button: it has a double position to work manually or continuously.
  • ON / OFF indicator: shows the status of the device.
  • Speed ​​regulator: all do not have the component that allows you to increase or decrease speed. The speed is adjustable, ranging from 100 to 5000 RPM.

In addition to the external accessories it has a small motor, a rubber as a cup and a vertical axis. They usually have 2 to 4 dishes. I recommend that, during frequent shaking, you place the mixer in a safe and stable area.

How does the Vortex Laboratory work?

Typically, Vortex shakers are used in microbiology and cell culture laboratories. There they are used to suspend cells and combine reagents.

However, it was also designed to work with nail polish, tattoo inks, glue, and other liquids. It is a mechanical device that has a simple operation.

The methodology of use is as follows : the test tube is placed in contact with the equipment. Then the motor rotates the rubber part with speed, in a circular way. The movement creates a vortex within the container.

What are the device operations

Vortex Laboratories mixers were created in order to shake one or multiple flasks. For this, there are two operations or working modes , which are by contact or continuous stirring.

Contact stirring

First you set the speed to the minimum, you place it on a stable area and you connect the equipment to the electrical network. Then you place the test tube on the shaking head to get the equipment going.

If you want to avoid jerks in the stirring of the container, regulate the speed during the work of the equipment. When you press the OFF button, the indicator light will turn off.

Continuous agitation

As in the previous option, you must place the device on a safe surface and connect it to the power. You turn the cruise control knob to set the speed. Then you put the test tube and when finished, you turn off the equipment.

Maintenance and care

It is important to take actions to maintain and care for the Vortex Laboratory. Before taking notes, remember to unplug the equipment from the power source for any sanitation or maintenance process. Next, I explain what you should do to take care of the product:

  • Do not immerse or wet the unit.
  • There is no need to lubricate the motor or stirring mechanism during routines.
  • Clean the equipment with a towel or cotton cloth after use.
  • Avoid spilling liquids that could cause an electric shock.
  • Disassemble the head frequently and disinfect it with a mild detergent. To mount it, it must be completely dry.

Vortex mixer benefits

Laboratory Vortex shakers are a very significant technological invention. These teams have great advantages in all spheres that are used. Some of them are:

  • They favor development
  • Provide efficiency and precision
  • They are able to withstand heating
  • They use pressure and vacuum methods
  • They are resistant to the liquids that are processed
  • They are a useful tool for combining substances.
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