Vortex Shaker: What is it and what is its Price?

November 2, 2021

vortex shaker , a vortex tube shaker or also called a vortex mixer, is a device that is used in laboratories and fulfills the function of mixing viral liquids in small quantities. It has a motor that works with electricity, the motor has a drive shaft or impeller that is oriented vertically and is attached to a hollowed rubber piece which is slightly mounted.

What is a Vortex Shaker?

When the engine is running, the rubber piece begins to move rapidly in circles. By resting on this hollowed rubber a test tube or any other container device, it begins the same circular turn causing it or the liquids found inside to create a vortex.

In general, the Vortex Agitator has a 2-plate or 4-plate design. It has settings to vary the speed between 100 and 3200rpm. It can be adjusted so that its operation is continuous, or so that it works only when we apply pressure to the rubber.

The Vortex Shaker is perfect for intermittent shaking jobs. Beakers, test tubes, among other laboratory container devices are used.

What are the Parts of a Vortex Shaker?

The vortex stirrer has a head, which is on the surface and serves as a support for a test tube. Then we find the Switch button, with which we choose whether we want continuous or manual operation. And finally we find the Power Indicator, this indicates the status of the device, whether it is on or off. But this type of Vortex shaker is the most common, then we find those that have heads to shake several tubes. This type of vortex agitator allows the speed to be reduced or increased.

How does the Vortex Shaker work?

The vortex shaker has been designed to be used with one test tube or with multiple tubes. And it has two ways of working, the continuous and the manual.

How to perform continuous agitation in the vortex shaker?

The speed should be adjusted to a minimum, without forgetting to place the equipment on a stable surface. The Vortex agitator is then connected to electricity.
We turn on the equipment, turning the ignition knob to ON. A power light will inform us that the device is properly turned on. It is at that moment when the vortex begins its operation.
The speed knob must be turned, thereby selecting the desired speed. But this only in the case of continuous speed agitators.
When you want to turn off the equipment, just turn the knob to OFF

How does the contact or manual stirrer work?

It should be started by positioning the control to regulate the speed to the minimum. And you have to place the equipment on a safe and stable surface. Then it connects to electricity.
The knob is pressed at the TOUCH callsign. And we proceed to regulate the speed. To do this, turn the knob and select the desired speed. This example is for devices that have speed regulation.
The test tube is placed vertically, on the shaking head. And then the equipment starts to work. We are going to notice that the power light is latent.
To turn off the equipment, we simply press the knob in the OFF option and the vortex stirrer will stop.
Test tubes should be placed vertically, on top of the shaking head. The purpose is to shake but not shake.

Vortex Agitator Maintenance

After using the vortex agitator , the device should be cleaned. This must be done with a cotton cloth that does not release lint.
Liquids should never be spilled on the shaker and it should not be immersed in water to clean it. Because there is danger of serious electric shock, during the next application of the device.

If a spill occurs during the time of work with liquids in the test tube, immediate cleaning and sterilization should be carried out if necessary. Properly cleaning the unit is very important.
To perform a deep cleaning, the head must be removed. Please note that before performing any type of maintenance or cleaning, the unit must be disconnected from the electrical power.

The head is cleaned with water and detergent. Make sure the head is dry, it should actually be totally dry before placing it in the unit. And to finish with maintenance and cleaning, it must be clarified that the engine does not need any type of lubricant or maintenance. The Vortex stirrer motor should not be tampered with .

What are the uses of the Vortex shaker?

The vortex shaker is an instrument or apparatus that we find in the laboratory. They are very common, because they are extremely necessary. In biological laboratories is where we can see them most. And, it is that they are ideal for cell cultures and for microbiology . It is also common to find a vortex shaker in a biochemistry lab. They are used to mix reagents.

What other types of shakers do we find in the laboratory?

In the laboratory we find different types of shakers, some of which are:

Ferris wheel shaker
The container containers rotate on the vertical plate, like a ferris wheel.

Magnetic stirrer
It consists of a metal plate on which a beaker or any other container with a flat bottom is placed.

Tray agitator
The tray with this agitator has a circular motion. It also has rocking and vibrating movements.

Orbital shaker
They are very similar to tray shakers.

shaker This shaker has a vertical axis of rotation. It is similar to a hand mixer.

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