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November 1, 2021

In laboratories the use of agitators to prepare mixtures, solutions and liquid substances is highly necessary. The vortex shaker is a device used to shake tubes or small flasks containing any liquid.

Its use is very common in biology laboratories , where cell cultures are performed. A very common example of the use of the shaker is that it is used to suspend cells in microbiology. Also, it is widely used in biochemistry laboratories to mix reagents from a test tube or experimental samples.

Thanks to scientific research carried out in laboratories, today it is possible to understand, more clearly, various situations of our day to day, helping us to develop our daily lives in the best possible way.

That is why it is essential that researchers use laboratory materials and instruments, which allow them to obtain successful and definitive results .

What is a Vortex Shaker?

It is an essential laboratory instrument that is used to shake, move or manipulate tubes or flasks containing liquid substances.

To use it, you will not need to use a lot of knowledge. You simply have to hold the container with one hand, while the rubber part that stays in contact with the container shakes. Stirring speed varies according to needs and can be set via a switch.

This invention has its name thanks to the brothers Jack A. Kraft and Harold D. Kraft, who presented their patent in 1959, although it was approved in 1962.

What is the Vortex Shaker for?

A vortex mixer is basically used for mixing and stirring liquid substances . In addition to mixing, the washing of various elements, such as cells or yeast.

Tubes, containers or containers can be used in it and its size is not limited. Your results depend on the technique, the viscosity of the content, the shape of the tube and the amount of the liquid.

In this type of agitators, the number of revolutions per minute to which the liquid will be subjected or transmit heat to the content can be programmed. Thus allowing to efficiently control the process of mixing a substance or dissolving a solid.

Using the Vortex Shaker

Its use is very simple, since the tube must be held with the hand while the base of the rubber with which it has contact helps it to shake, with a lot of intensity required.

These types of tubes are applicable for reaction experiments , mixtures and for the rapid dissolution of liquid samples and sometimes solidity. The speed can be changed via a switch, depending on what you want or require.

Types of Vortex Agitator

In a laboratory you can find an important series of vortex shakers. Each of them has evolved over time, then I show you what they are:

  • Single tube vortex mixer

It is an ideal shaker to mix substance through a single tube. Perform gentle blends to achieve strong results from cells or liquid components, whether chemical or biological, through the eccentric mechanism.

This type of vortex mixer has two modes of operation, continuous and pulsed, which is activated by pressing the cap with the bottom of the tube.

  • Multiple vortex tubes

This shaker is designed for mixing using multiple tubes or containers. You can use it if you need to carry out an intense washing of cells, bacteria and yeasts, it can also be used for washing cultures. It can also be used for the extraction of enzymes and metabolites from cells or cell culture.

One of the most important advantages of this type of shaker is that it has the ability to mix up to 32 tubes at the same time. It also has continuous and pulse operation.

  • Multi speed vortex shaker

It is a vortex shaker in which a number of tubes can also be placed, but unlike the others, it offers a multiple speed and large scale. It is designed for use in biology laboratories where research is conducted in the field of biochemistry and cell and molecular biology.

It has several platforms. One that is used to place the microanalysis tubes and another for the control of the microprocessor, which takes care of time and speed . It also has an LCD display that indicates the value lines.

The choice of any of these types of vortex mixers will depend on the mix you want to make and the time it takes.

Vortex Shaker Features

It is composed of an electric motor that has a vertically redirected transmission shaft and attached to a rubber piece that is placed in the shape of a cup. As the motor turns, the rubber part swings rapidly in a circular motion.

Most vortex mixers have a different speed setting that can be adjusted to run continuously. They also have rubber or rubber feet at the bottom, this in order to prevent it from moving or shifting.

Importance of the Vortex Shaker

The vortex shaker is very important in a laboratory, like other instruments, it helps and strengthens the development of some research. It is a very useful tool used to mix substances.

In the same way, this instrument allows you to save the time of the agitation of the liquids. Taking into account that agitation can also be done through several tubes simultaneously.

Another important point is that it offers  efficiency and precision when mixing, compared to other instruments with the same characteristics.

To carry out experiments that are intended to demonstrate and perform basic and important measurements in the area of ​​science, it is necessary to have quality equipment and tools , such as the vortex shaker.

It is essential that laboratories have modern and complex equipment at their disposal, since there are investigations that require specific and sometimes highly complex treatments.

So if you are looking for accuracy in measurements , to respond to your needs and demands, use the vortex shaker.

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