Water nebulizer, how to choose the best one?

November 2, 2021

The water fogger  is a controller of the room temperature. It allows you to harmonize both interior and exterior spaces.

It is described as a device that works with water , converting it into small drops that come out under pressure and look sprayed or in the form of steam, if you are in a hot environment.

In this article we will show you the characteristics to select the best nebulizer and its benefits.

Water fogger What is it?

The nebulizers are equipment designed for environments climatizar, both exterior and interior . The advantage it offers you is that it refreshes the environment without the need for an air conditioner that we could not install outside.

Its use is varied in places such as fishmongers, warehouses to keep food fresh, farms, and currently, in office buildings, homes and a variety of businesses.

Benefits of the water fogger

It consists of a method that disintegrates drops of water , after they interact with the environment or surroundings, they are arranged to absorb heat and harmonize the environment, making it cool. P ara obtain a better explanation, the water is converted to steam by the pressure of the apparatus and passes the gaseous state.

This type of conditioning does not get people wet , it just generates a white cloud around it that creates a balanced environment. E l nebulizer works best water in dry environments because it provides moisture to the atmosphere. In humid climates the water takes time to evaporate.

It fulfills the function of a humidifier because it moistens the environment and purifies, it allows to remove the small dust particles that we do not visualize but that can cause us allergies. E l water nebulizer is a contribution to the environment , protects plants from insects and helps reduce odors.

It is a saving device  par excellence, it uses a minimum of water and little energy. They come with many accessories, but installation is quick and easy to do. S and can be programmed , this means that you can place what time you can turn on or off.

Types of water fogger

To differentiate the water nebulizers, it is done by the size in which the drop comes out:

Low pressure water fogger

They are water foggers that are used in open spaces such as gardens, home-made greenhouses or terraces.

They spray the water in very small drops , pressurizing the water with a pressure of 3.5 bars with a density that is measured in microns (a unit of measurement that is made to liquids, air, and others that are exposed to filtration) between eight to ten for effects.

They are inexpensive and easy to install, as is uninstall.

High pressure water fogger

They are those that are used in larger environments or public structures require a water pump because they are larger, they use a pressure force to expand the drops and not wet, of more than 70 bars (unit of measure for atmospheric pressure) less than 50 microns.

How to choose the best water fogger?

The use of humidifiers or nebulizers  has expanded in terms of use and demand.

Currently, for the food industries, which require fresh fruits and vegetables, they are maintained through this equipment to air-condition the environment and keep fresh products free from all types of oxidation and unpleasant odors.

This type of system is composed of fogging nozzles , as explained above, they transform water into micro drops. To choose the best one you must base yourself on certain specifications:


Before making any purchase of nebulizers, create your own specifications : locate the installation environment, how large the space is to know the measurements of what you are going to buy, if you are going to use it for internal or external environments, among other characteristics.

That it has a good length of hoses for its installation and operation.

Disinfection system

The device must have a disinfection system that is activated automatically and continuously, the water that must be used is drinkable that does not contain bacteria or any harmful substance for the environment.

Easy to install water fogger

Do not buy nebulizers that you do not understand their installation because, you must be constantly checking them so that water does not accumulate and it is damaged, this causes bad odors due to stagnation and generates fungi.

There are specialized people to install this type of system and it all depends on the space where you want to place it, if it is for an external part, many times they require a pump so that the water pressure is distributed evenly.

Programming systems

Water nebulizers are more effective if you can program them from time to time , in this way you give more utility to the equipment and increase its useful life. M more hile lower the temperature the better harmonizes environment and maintains the purity of the air.

Water foggers when used for many hours,  condense the water and begin to wet , that is, it performs a rain effect. The vapor that is in the gaseous state combines with the environment and the effect already becomes humid.

Number of nozzles

The nozzles or diffusers for cooling are given by the installation space, in case of being a small garden between 5 and 10 diffusers can work for you. If it is a smaller environment, you can buy a system with fewer nozzles and it will help you perfectly.

Inclusion of anti-drip valve

In the specifications of the nebulizer, verify that it includes an anti-drip valve , so when you turn off the equipment it does not generate drops , which is annoying because it gets all the space where the device is installed and this causes damage that you will see over time.


That you can move it from one place to another with ease, in this way it pays you more for your investment because it can purify various environments.

Universal accessories

Look for water foggers that have accessories that you can easily change and get. Also, you should consider equipment that is sturdy.

Droplet spraying

The smaller the drops, the better the comfort that the water nebulizer will provide you.

Allow expansion

Look for a water mist that you can add more extensions , in this way you guarantee that if you need to air more rooms you can add other pipes and not have to buy an additional one.

Compare prices

Do not get carried away by the prices. In the market there are a large number of nebulizers that provide you with the same functions and at a price that fits your pocket.

Please complete the water fogger information with the following video.

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