POS, which one to choose for my business?

November 2, 2021

Business processes have evolved as human needs arise in the acquisition of goods and services. The POS provides an answer to the viability of the tractions of the buying and selling processes , however , which one should I choose for my business?

This question finds its answer in the type and / or characteristics of the business, that is, the software that manages to systematize the processes inherent to the type of business. For example, the best hospitality tpv software could be located between Pack POS, touch POS screens and Comanderos , each one according to their needs and requirements.

Welcome to this your post, from which you can expand your vision of POS adjusted to your reality.

POS modalities for business

There are three types of POS, these are perfectly adjusted to the particularities of businesses or shops. You can choose the one that best suits your requirements. To detail:

  1. Traditional: It refers to the physical device (they are processed with a dataphone ) which, in turn, is connected to the company’s telephone line or ADSL. The process is simple, the reading bar proceeds to identify the barcode of the product, then prints the ticket and the purchase will be registered.
  2. Portable: When service is provided at home or the products of the establishment are exhibited at fairs, this tool is useful. Moreover, against the presence of the COVID19 many businesses (physical stores) they have used this type of POS devices to process payments from your customers in situs . How does it work? The POS connects to the phone.
  3. Oline: This process is also used in situations such as the pandemic and / or electronic commerce, for this, they integrate the business database, migrating in an encrypted way to the bank that will debit.

 Types of POS according to businesses

  • Hotel POS

It offers the possibility of supervising from the table, bar, invoices, customer service (specifying attention and waiting time), monthly billing, multilingual printing.

  • TPV Restaurant

The combination of customer service and supervision in the preparation of the final product (dishes) is what a restaurant software should allow Camarero10 for example is one of the most commercial, currently, it has made updates so that your information is protected in the cloud.

  • Supermarket POS

It will allow you to group the products by price categories and / or any other classification that your business requires (vegetables, fruits or others). The bar reader will allow the detection of the product, as well as the deduction of the stock. On the other hand, manage your staff, product traceability system, link with the balance among other pertinent functions of this type of trade.

  • Hairdressing POS

The particularity of this software for hairdressers is the grouping of services and product sales, you can integrate the inventory stock for the sale of shampoo, creams, dyes, waters among other products of this business. On the other hand, customer care ( services such as hairdressing, manicures, pedicures, facials, waxing and others). The barcode will also allow you to control the staff that attends or sells.


Finally, each POS offers the possibility of automation of sales for the controlled commercialization of its products and / or services; optimizes processes and contributes to healthy business administration.

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