Wooden Laboratory Tweezers

November 1, 2021

Laboratory forceps are one of the most widely used instruments in this environment. You can find them in various models and materials, some of them are the laboratory wooden tweezers, a completely necessary tool to perform any procedure within this place.

The wooden laboratory tweezers have a very specific function and it is to hold those elements that contain substances that should not be spilled or shaken excessively, hence the need to take care of them, handling and transporting them in the most subtle way possible and This can only be done with a laboratory wooden clamp.

If you are new to the world of chemical laboratories, it is important that you stay calm and start from scratch little by little, knowing each of the elements that are found within them. Starting with the most common ones, so I’ll show you everything you need to know about wooden laboratory tweezers.

What is a Laboratory Wood Clamp?

The laboratory wooden tweezers are not so different from the other tweezers that you can find in this place, the main difference between this and the other tweezers is that it is made of wood , while the conventional ones are made of metal.

The laboratory wooden tweezers have the ability to withstand high temperatures, so that you can take the test tubes with greater comfort and peace of mind.

Additionally, this type of clamp offers you the possibility of manipulating the test tube while it is heating for some process of analysis or boiling of the substance being handled . Therefore this clamp must be in any laboratory, no matter how small it is.

What is the Laboratory Wood Clamp for?

In a laboratory there are many procedures that must be carried out with boiling processes and many other substances that are usually extremely careful, for which it is necessary that each of them be handled preventively.

The laboratory wooden tweezers offer you the possibility to handle the test tubes without fear that they will break, fall or, even, that you could get burned because it is at high temperatures.

With these tweezers you can perform any procedure that involves high temperatures , since the wood will offer you the possibility of holding it, while you carry out this procedure.

Using the Wooden Laboratory Clamp

With the laboratory tweezers made of wood you can take the test tubes while you apply heat or manipulate it, thus avoiding direct contact with the glass test tube or the substance deposited in it.

Taking into consideration that when the test tube is heated, taking it with your hands could generate burns of great impact, as well as some corrosive substance coming into contact with your skin. Thanks to the use of the wooden clamp you will be able to hold the test tube from the rack to the fire, without having to come into direct contact with the glass material.

It is important that you consider that when heating the test tube, the fire does not come into contact with the wood , since it could ignite . Make sure that the fire only has contact with the glass area, this way you will avoid any accident.

Types of Wooden Laboratory Clamp

When talking about laboratory tweezers in general we can mention many types, however, when talking about wooden tweezers, we only find two models that are very similar to each other, but with very marked peculiarities.

In their shape and structure, at first glance, they can be seen as the same wooden clamp, but when comparing them you will be able to identify that one has one of its ends, where the test tube is held, a little longer. This could be used to place the tube on the fire and not suffer from any type of burns.

It is important that you know that although wood is considered an insulating material for fire, you must be careful when applying heat, since it is a compound that can ignite, therefore it could burn in the same way.

Additionally, this clamp is not entirely resistant to any corrosive substance, so you must be careful that these do not impact directly on the wood as it could damage the clamp or not withstand the chemical.

Features of the Laboratory Wood Clamp

A laboratory wooden clamp is a clamp made of wood that is intended to efficiently hold test tubes at high temperatures.

These tweezers generally have one arm longer than the other , so that you can handle them with confidence, even when the test tube is exposed to fire.

You will also notice that in the central part it  has a metal spring that allows the caliper to remain closed, as long as there is no pressure on the rear arms of the same. Once it is opened, the test tube is placed inside, then you can be calm and feel completely safe.

The wooden clamp is very useful in the laboratory, since many analysis procedures involve the substances being exposed to boiling, so it is an indispensable element.

Importance of the Wooden Laboratory Clamp

Like other laboratory instruments, the wooden clamp tends to be of great importance, since it offers you the possibility to hold the test tubes more easily. In principle, it can be considered a clamp made for test tubes that are at high temperatures, however you may feel more comfortable using it in a conventional way.

The wooden tweezers are comfortable to use and resistant to heat , but remember to be careful as they are not resistant to combustion, so you must be meticulous when conducting experiments with test tubes and fire, the clamp could burn.

In the same way, it is important that you be alert when using corrosive substances that penetrate the wood, because it will not be completely resistant to those substances.

The instruments that are in a laboratory are essential for the proper development of the analyzes that are carried out inside, without a doubt you must know them and have them at all times.

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