November 1, 2021

A crystallizer is an element that belongs to the glassware of a laboratory. It is a container with a wide base and short stature and whose main purpose is to crystallize the solute from a solution through the evaporation of the solvent.

What is it?

It is an element that belongs to the glassware of a laboratory. It is a container with a wide base and short stature that is used to crystallize the solute from a solution, by evaporation of the solvent. It is also used as a lid and container.

The wide and flat shape of its base ensures greater evaporation of the solution. The shape of the crystallizer is cylindrical and has a fused edge.

It is made of borosilicate glass, also known as Duran, Kimax or Pyrex. This laboratory element has great chemical resistance, withstands temperature changes, is highly resistant to acids and has a minimum expansion in the face of heat.

Peak crystallizers can be found that have a capacity of 250 to 1500 ml. In case of no spout, its capacity is between 150 to 7000 ml.

Peak crystallizer capacity

Capacity (approx.)DiameterHeight
250 mL100 mm50 mm
500 mL120 mm65 mm
1000 mL150 mm75 mm
1500 mL180 mm90 mm

Peakless crystallizer capacity

Capacity (approx.)DiameterHeight
150 mL80 mm40 mm
300 mL100 mm55 mm
500 mL120 mm60 mm
1000 mL150 mm70 mm
1500 mL190 mm90 mm
2500 mL220 mm105 mm
4000 mL250 mm120 mm
7000 mL300 mm150 mm

What is it for?

  • A crystallizer can be used to:
  • In those cases where already treated effluents cannot be discharged.
  • Contain effluents with a high pollutant load.
  • In solutions with a high concentration of raw materials.
  • To quickly evaporate the liquid from a solution, facilitating the crystallization of the solute.

How is it used?

Its mode of use is simple, since it is used to achieve the drying and crystallization of the solids present in a solution through evaporation. It can also be used as a lid, container, and for steam or dry sterilization.

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