What is a Multiparameter Monitor?

November 2, 2021

The multiparametric monitor , also known as a cardiac monitor, is a device that measures the vital signs of a patient that doctors need to determine their status.

Monitor or screen, as its name implies, it is a device that has a monitor on which the patient’s vital signs are displayed. With a multiparametric equipment , the following vital signs are known: respiratory rate, invasive and non-invasive pressure, oxygen saturation, carbon dioxide, among others.

How does the Multiparameter Monitor work  ?

These devices can be  preconfigured  or they can be modular in concept. These monitors are generally located at the bedside of the patient and are configured to monitor parameters of:  ECG ,  NIBP , SPO2, temperature, and invasive blood pressure.

These bedside monitors are typically connected to a central station where these parameters can be closely observed. A preconfigured monitor   comes with certain fixed parameters to monitor. Modular units can be changed by adding or removing certain parameter module which gives staff more flexibility in patient care.

These types of monitors are typically found in the emergency room or intensive care unit, where long-term, in-depth monitoring is required.

What are the vital signs that a Multiparameter Monitor monitors  ?

✅Breathing: controls the respiratory rate

✅Non-invasive pressure: non-invasive blood pressure

✅Invasive pressure: blood pressure with higher precision (Only the most modern or advanced models)

✅Electrocardiogram – records and amplifies electrical impulses from the heart

✅Temperature: shows the temperature of the patient at all times

✅Oxygen saturation: oxygen level in the blood

✅ Venous Oxygen Saturation: Accuracy to determine the level of oxygen in the blood (Only the most modern or advanced models)

✅Pressure  Intracranial : pressure inside the skull (Only the most modern and advanced models)

More about multi-parameter monitors

Monitors with multiple parameters have become increasingly important to provide quality medical care to patients, although they are used in the ICU rooms  , it is well known that lately they are being incorporated in other areas of hospitals, such as example in intermediate care rooms and common rooms.

Within medicine there is an intrinsic relationship between different vital parameters in a healthy person, including blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate and oxygen saturation. For example, an increase in blood pressure would lead to a decrease in heart rate, and vice versa.

Monitors with multiple parameters

The monitors multiple parameters ( MPM ) are widely used in intensive care units or internal emergency center and general wards to continuously monitor the health of patients based on the following parameters for human vital signs. The  MPM generally do not have faults, and if they do it in very small ranges. But at the lower probability of missing, there is the probability of missing an alarm when an alarm should actually be reported and there is the probability of false alarm, falsely reporting an alarm when there is no alarm to report. This means that the alarm accuracy, sensitivity, and non-alarm precision and specificity should be as high as possible.

Studies on physiological parameters show that there is a well-established relationship between vital parameters in healthy people. For example, when the heart rate is on the higher side, the blood pressure is expected to be on the lower side, and vice versa, otherwise the health condition is said to be abnormal. However, as far as we know, multiparameter monitors   do not take advantage of this relationship.

What are the best parametric monitors?


That monitor has a simple design but with a style that is quite out of the ordinary. It offers the possibility of a more compact and renewed monitoring and at the same time traditional. It is a device, small and light, with a battery that has a very long life. It also offers portability, accessibility and greater connectivity, which makes it perfect for use in post- anesthetic , intensive, general and emergency care units  . Medical staff can access current information on critically ill patients throughout the transfer.


This is a modern multiparameter monitor , which has a high resolution display. It also has the function of displaying personalized and detailed trends for a faster and more informed evaluation of the patient to be treated. With just a touch of the screen, the user can open different trend views, according to what he needs to observe at the moment. Trends can be displayed seamlessly on the monitor, allowing updates to be viewed in real time, or they can be adjusted and arranged as desired.


This multiparameter monitor has a high performance 17 ″ led. It is a very special monitor, because it has been conceived to meet the needs of patients in critical condition. This is a model that can perfectly be used in all rooms. Medical personnel can monitor the patient’s condition from another point, because it has a detachable portable monitor.


The Macs 40 monitor  is actually an advanced modular patient monitoring system and can be used in any area within the health care center. It has a 12.1 ″ touch screen which facilitates the visualization of the data. This monitor allows the patient to be monitored at all times, including the transfer.


The BT-770 monitor has a modern 12-inch screen. This is one of the most advanced models to be found. Among all the parameters that it maintains in common with other monitors, this one also has an accurate ECG measurement   with pacemaker detection. ST segment analysis   and 16 types of arrhythmias
Double overpressure protection for  NIBP  among many other features that make it the best on the market.

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